Heard...but rarely seen! 

Cayman Kelly is a

natural-born entertainer.

By age 15 he had already developed a voice that demanded attention. That voice landed him in radio, reading promos and commercials as a sophomore in High School.

After graduation from college, seeking employment in radio was no easy task. However, persistence led to a paid job being a board operator. About a month later he became a promotions assistant. All in the same year, he too became an on-air personality at the number one station in Washington, DC.

People have always complimented Cayman on his voice, which would develop over time to become one of his biggest assets. His broadcast path led him to satellite radio's channel, "BET Uptown." Through this opportunity he established a relationship with the Creative Service Department at BET. That relationship ironically birthed his voice-over career and would later lead him to become the voice of BET and BET J for about 7 years.

He has since been signed to Don Buchwald Agency in NY and is now the voice of several radio stations across the country, including Power 105.1 in NY.

Cayman was also the voice of TV Land's highest rated show, "Hot in Cleveland," and is currently the station voice for Bounce TV, as well as the promo voice of TV One.

Cayman is one who never wanted to wait for someone to give him anything. He's always believed that "no one is going to see your vision like you do." Which is why, Cayman tries to connect with as many people as he possibly can, that may be able to nurture and cultivate his dreams. This attitude has led him to many opportunities. He has been featured in magazines such as Ebony and "Sister to Sister," he has modeled in calendars such as the "Alaye" and more. He's even appeared on a few television shows, such as Ricki Lake and Live from LA on BET.

Cayman Kelly currently has a national radio show on Sirius XM's Heart & Soul and has interviewed Academy Award winners, Jamie Foxx, Mo'Nique, Jennifer Hudson, as well as iconic entertainers such as Janet Jackson, Babyface, Mary J. Blige and more. Cayman is always complimented on his style of interview as being like a "regular conversation." Cayman's desire is to add more television and film to the resume. He believes that his path will cross with the right individual that will present this opportunity.

After all, he lives by a quote, "A thought is a thought until placed into action… got to go at it to gain satisfaction!"

Cayman's imaging clients include:

Radio Imaging